Who we are?

Crossroads Community Center

Our mission is to serve the Turkish-American community in the Indianapolis area to better integrate into the society, to introduce the Turkish Culture to the community to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog and exchange of information.





What We Do?

Community Services

The association works to strengthen intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross-cultural activities. Crossroads Community Center/TAS also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the community related to diversity.

Tea & Talk

Tea and Talk is a traditional way to bring community members together and the same purpose is serving new generations as an opportunity to cultivate friendship among individuals.


Crossroads Community Center is facilitating periodic events where people come together to connect and socialize regardless of their backgrounds and differences.

Upcoming Events


Recent Events

Coffee Night – The Oldest Dessert in the World

After a long summer break, we came together for another coffee night on Friday, September 28th. This time our theme was "The oldest dessert in the wold: Ashura" known as Noah's pudding. Our event started with a presentation on Ashura; a traditional sweet...

Community Picnic May 2018

We opened the picnic season with community members on a beautiful Saturday on May 5, 2018. Everyone enjoyed the warm and welcoming Spring picnic which was almost like a festival. Barbecue, games for kids, activities for adults and friendly chats filled our...

Annual Crossroads Community Festival

On Friday,  April 27th 2018, we organized our Annual Crossroads Community Festival. The festival included Turkish cuisine, Turkish Tea and Coffee, Baklava, Calligraphy, Ebru-Water Marbling, Handcrafts. Also volunteers from Niagara Foundation, Islamic Society of...

Meat distribution

Some volunteers from Crossroads  community have visited Mymmar Community in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 11th, 2018. We have distributed more than 400 pound meat, some cloths and toys to around 180 families in need. It has been great time for both...

Cooking Class – Baklava

Spring has arrived with all of its flowers, colors, beautiful smells and bird songs. It’s a wonderful time of the year. Here at cooking class we had a great time with all of our friends. This session, the spotlight of our menu was baklava. We demonstrated...

Dance of Love & Rumi

On March 23rd 2018, Crossroads Community Center organized a "Dance of Love" to remember Rumi. Farsan recited several of Rumi's poems in original Persian and their English versions. MaryAnn Fadae talked about Semah- Dance of love. Onder Secen moderated an...

Cooking Class February The Veggie Lovers

February cooking class was for the veggie lovers, have you ever tried a leek? Leek is one of the many vegetable meals in Turkish cuisine. It is easy and fast to make. It’s healthy and delicious. You can eat it while it’s warm or cold. We also baked...

Sira Night Feb 2018

Sira Night was an extraordinary experience for most of us. We came together to eat traditional Turkish food, listen to live Turkish Folk music. Sira Night is a traditional event from Sanliurfa, Turkey. Originally it started as a gathering where friends and...

Community Breakfast Jan-2018

On Sunday, January 28th, Crossroads Community Center organized a Turkish Breakfast for local community members. There were over 70 attendees who enjoyed the delightful Turkish style breakfast.

Cooking Class – Jan 6th

It’s the new year and it’s freezing in Indiana right now but our Cooking Class hosted our participants in a warm and friendly kitchen. We made kisir with eggs and butternut squash dessert. Then we enjoyed food along with hot tea and friendly conversation....