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A statement about George Floyd

Crossroads Community Center is committed to the dignity of all humanity and we stand for diversity, inclusion, and solidarity. We are grief struck by the death of George Floyd and the pain of the African American community’s ongoing social struggle. We pray that as a nation of rich ideas and energetic hope, we seize this opportunity with fearless creativity to heal the social and spiritual wounds that we live with. 

The turmoil unfolding in our cities is not unique in history or global current events–it reflects an unmet need for change, justice, and balance. It’s important to stay focused on this need and not allow the antagonism and violence between police and some present at demonstrations to control the narrative. The success of one group cannot ride on the back of another or push them aside. Each of us needs to play a part in finding that just balance. 

Who We Are

Our mission is to serve the Turkish-American community in the Indianapolis area to better integrate into the society, to introduce the Turkish Culture to the community to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog and exchange of information.





What We Do

Community Services

The association works to strengthen intercultural community and ensure a positive experience for those who are willing to participate in cross-cultural activities. Crossroads Community Center/TAS also seeks to enrich the experience of the entire community by providing opportunities to engage and educate the community related to diversity.

Tea & Talk

Tea and Talk is a traditional way to bring community members together and the same purpose is serving new generations as an opportunity to cultivate friendship among individuals.


Crossroads Community Center is facilitating periodic events where people come together to connect and socialize regardless of their backgrounds and differences.

Upcoming Events


Recent Events

Food Sale in Al-Huda Foundation

We had a fantastic turnout at our food sale on December 30th, and we are so grateful to the Al Huda Foundation for their support and generosity. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this important cause. We are grateful to have such a supportive and engaged...

Turkish Stuffed Flatbread

 Crossroads Community held another great coffee night on Dec. 9th. Our community members made a live demonstration about preparing different varieties of Turkish Stuffed Flatbread. We had a great night with all quests and we look forward to having our next Coffee...

Supporting our Hospital Staff during the Pandemic

As CCC we are committed to serve the society we live in and we plan and execute intercultural, educational, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activites. Along with the spread of Covid 19 this was one of those times where we felt responsible to...

Refugee Relief Campaign in association with ICWA and guest superstar Enes Kanter

With the Refugee Relief campaign as our first priority, and teaming up with the Indiana Council of World Affairs and guest speaker NBA player Enes Kanter from the Boston Celtics, the Crossroads Community Center organized a dinner with all profits going towards the...

Mass Donation Of Masks

On Jun 3rd, 2020, the Crossroads Community made a mass donation of masks to the Fishers Police Department. Lieutenant Mike Janes thanked CCC/Turkish American Society for the generous donation.

Turkish Coffee and Breakfast

On Feb 8th, 2020, coffee night was about Turkish Breakfast, better known as 'kahvaltı' (kah-VAHL'-tuh). We decided to have it early in the morning for the first time in coffee night history. You can't look at Turkish cuisine without looking at the breakfast. It is a...

Ney – The Sacred Instrument

Coffee Night on December 13th, 2019, was about the "Sacred Instrument" better known as Ney. As soon as guests arrived a lively presentation all about the Ney was shown. Afterwards everyone attended a live Ney concert from a Ney master (Neyzen). Finally, we led on to...

International Festival 2019

The Crossroads Community Center was proud to participate in the 2019 international festival at the Indiana State Fair Grounds. We had two booths, a food booth and a culture and merchandise booth. Delicious homemade Turkish food made by our community members and...

Coffee Night – Turkish Art of Marbling/Ebru

Coffee Night on October 11th was about the Turkish Art of Marbling or better known as Ebru. As soon as guests arrived a presentation about Marbling was shown. Afterwards a demonstration of Marbling was done by a local guest artist. Everyone who wanted to try Ebru for...

Community Picnic May 2018

We opened the picnic season with community members on a beautiful Saturday on May 5, 2018. Everyone enjoyed the warm and welcoming Spring picnic which was almost like a festival. Barbecue, games for kids, activities for adults and friendly chats filled our...