As CCC we are committed to serve the society we live in and we plan and execute intercultural, educational, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activites. Along with the spread of Covid 19 this was one of those times where we felt responsible to aid our hospital staff, even if it was through providing food for 3 units of the hospital.

On 6/12/20 Crossroads Community donated a meal of 35 pizzas to the Community Hospital East in Indianapolis. This was a part of our support front line staff program which is still open to donate to as of now and a link can be found below! We raised money to serve meals to the front-line staff who are working very hard to keep our community safe and healthy, who we appreciate a great deal. Kids from the community also handmade posters and drawings to show their support in their own way!

We hope we can further aid, once again, the community we live in because we feel it is part of our responsiblity. You can help us support and appreciate more front line workers who risk their lives every day by donating to through this link: