On Feb 8th, 2020, coffee night was about Turkish Breakfast, better known as ‘kahvaltı’ (kah-VAHL’-tuh). We decided to have it early in the morning for the first time in coffee night history. You can’t look at Turkish cuisine without looking at the breakfast. It is a unique start to the day, with an array of tastes that is all it’s own. Breakfast in Turkey is not just a necessity; it’s a traditional family gathering and a sit-down affair that you start looking forward to the night before.

We had a presentation about the beauty and variety of Turkish breakfast and afterwards a demonstration was held showing how to prepare Turkish coffee and cook special fried eggs with sujuk (Turkish Sausage). Tea was served with classic Turkish breakfast consisting of fresh cheeses, black and green olives, fresh white bread, fruit preserves, butter, honey, sweet and savory pastries and fresh breads, and more.

We had a great morning and we look forward to having our next Coffee Night. Coffee Night is a free event for anyone who is interested in learning about Turkish Culture while connecting with other communities.